Limited edition prints

I had never been attracted to photographing flowers then stumbled along a dandelion when looking for something to test new digital equipment in 2000. I thought it would be a challenge to capture something we pass everyday in a way that made us see it differently. I was mesmerized by the detail, the effects of the colour and the calmness those images gave me. Dandelion was the first image I enlarged 1.5 x 1m in 2000 for an architect to display in a show apartment overlooking Darling Harbour in Sydney. I remember being in a trance the first time I saw it enlarged, lost in colour, pattern and form. Enlarging these images made them more engrossing.

The power of colour should never be underestimated and the importance of that in our everyday lives is what drives me. These prints are a way of capturing colours, of painting with my camera. The space around the subject is equally important to me as the subject itself, and the colours within. I find a real sense of calm when creating these images.